Sunglasses & Sports Eyewear

Lunettes Opticians in Lincolnshire specialise in sunglasses for sports and leisure use, both with prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Our sunglasses are premium quality and, as well as looking good, quality sunglasses help to maintain healthy eyesight by protecting from UV radiation. You can choose from a range of tinted lenses, polarised lenses, which cut through the glare, and the latest Transitions lenses which adapt to changing light conditions.

Lunettes Opticians are stockists of many leading sunglass brands including Oakley, Rayban, Prada. Our qualified Dispensing Optician will individually fit each pair to ensure perfect vision and comfort. Many of our sunglasses are designed with sports specific technology and are ideal for sports such as golfing, skiing and cycling. Each sport has specific visual and safety requirements and we can advise you on which frames, lenses and tints will make the most of your sporting abilities.

In sportswear both protecting the eyes and enhancing vision is paramount, making specially designed sports specific eyewear a must. At Lunettes, we provide extremely strong and lightweight tinted or polarised lenses which are excellent for sports and general use.

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