Colour Vision Testing

At all of our lincolnshire opticians we regularly screen for colour vision defects during routine eye examinations, particularly when examining children.

Detecting colour vision defects is important because it can have a great impact throughout life from studying at school to choice of career.

Lunettes opticians in Lincolnshire can assess colour vision using the Ishihara Test and the City University Test. If you require a Holmes-Wright lantern test, you may be able to get this done at a university optometry eye clinic. The contact details for these are as follows:

Aston University
Optometry Clinic Reception 0121 204 3900

Cardiff University
Eye Clinic 0292 087 4357

City University
Colourvision Clinic 020 7040 0262

Glasgow Caledonian University
Eye Clinic 0141 331 3377

Our eyecare professionals have years of experience in assessing colour vision for the RAF and we are approved optometrists to carry out CAA eye examinations. So if you're thinking of joining the armed services and need to know if you're colour blind and would like to know how much these tests cost then please call your nearest opticians on the number below.

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